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At the Glasshouse we offer a unique dining experience, located on the site of the historic Seneca Glass Works. For almost a century, the Seneca Glass Company produced some of the world's finest leaded glass in over one thousand patterns. Its markets included many of the finest stores and hotels in America. Eleanor Roosevelt, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and the president of Liberia are but three of the many dignitaries who purchased Seneca crystal.

Martin BiaforaThe same dedication to quality that enabled Seneca Glass to achieve world renown, inspires us today in our efforts to provide our customers with a memorable dining experience. Seeking the freshest ingredients on the market, tending our own herb garden, and making every part of your meal from scratch are only part of that effort. In 2010, for the ninth year, Wine Spectator honored us with its Award of Excellence.

We offer fine food and beverages in a relaxed and smoke-free atmosphere. Attire is smart-casual and reservations are recommended. Private rooms are available for your special occasions with seating for up to sixty guests. We offer ample free parking at a location central to both WVU campuses and Morgantown's business district.

Martin Biafora, the owner of the Glasshouse, has a lifetime of experience in the culinary arts. After extensive travel, he owned and operated The Lodge at Kelly Mountain, in West Virginia. Here are some excerpts from articles about Marty’s work at the Lodge:

“Martin Biafora has honed his cosmopolitan and varied repertoire since he was a child in Morgantown. ‘I’m Italian,’ he said, ‘I grew up in the kitchen with my aunts and grandma.’ On frequent trips abroad with his family, he developed a taste for fine food and service. As a young man, he lived in a number of countries, including Latin America and [the] Caribbean Islands. He analyzed the native dishes and taught himself to reproduce them. He has been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years.”
-Corridor Magazine

“The widely traveled chef/owner of the Lodge at Kelly Mountain is inspired by the exotic, but he doesn’t eschew the familiar. Though, often, Biafora will add a global taste to it.”

-Corridor Magazine

“The Lodge menu has delicacies from the four corners of the world, including fare from the Caribbean Islands, Asia, and Europe, as well as seafood dishes inspired by Chesapeake and Creole cookery. Biafora shows off his culinary expertise with such savory dishes as roasted duck, Maryland-style crab cakes, fresh tuna, and Oysters Rockefeller. Having traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Central America, he also prepares foods with their origins in Jamaica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica… Sushi and vegetarian dishes are also to be had. The Lodge also offers wild game dishes such as wild boar, elk, and quail.”


“ ‘I’m known for my filets,’ Biafora said, ‘I have one of the finest pieces of beef you’ll ever eat.’ Judy Smith of Elkins backs that up. ‘His tenderloin is the best I’ve ever gotten. I don’t order steak anywhere else.’
His secret? ‘I trim the loin myself and apply an Argentinian dry rub,’ Biafora revealed. ‘It’s probably the most popular dish.’ ”

-Corridor Magazine

“My favorite restaurant in the entire state.”

-Leonard M. Adkins, author of West Virginia, An Explorer’s

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